Director’s Quarterly update


Director's Quarterly update

Through the eyes of the board

The Director’s Quarterly is an e-publication aimed at exploring the challenges of practicing corporate oversight and governance in a world of change, and helping directors increase their relevance of the role they play and the work they do to ensure that their companies continue to create value for their stakeholders.

Issue 5

January 2017

In this edition, we examine how high-profile anti-money laundering cases are rapidly raising the regulatory bar and the impact on the financial industry and what the board and management need to do in the area of Financial Crime Compliance risk management for their organisations.

On the topic of risk, we delve into what black swan events are and why the board and the board risk committee need to look beyond the traditional risk management wisdom of prescribing a contingency plan for high-impact and high-likelihood risk events to address the possibility of the outliers occurring.

Finally, in light of BEPS developments, we explore the questions that the board should be asking to ensure that their organisation’s tax practices are aligned with BEPS initiatives and other new tax rules enacted in the jurisdictions in which they operate in.

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Director’s Quarterly Update - Issue 5
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