Healthcare 3.0+ model

Future Healthcare Services

The Future Healthcare first thought paper introduces the next wave of innovation in healthcare and how Deloitte is leading the innovation train with their new patient-centric business model that is the Deloitte Healthcare 3.0 model.

A perspective of future healthcare landscape in ASEAN and Singapore

Systemic changes in daily human behaviour will undoubtedly influence and affect lifestyle. Economic prosperity, aging population, the growing middle income population and sensitive public policy are key demand drivers of better healthcare and infrastructure.

This will ultimately manifest in a gradual but undeniable shift in health outcomes of the population together with the related areas of the healthcare ecosystem. The concept of the Healthcare 3.0+ model is inspired by the Web 3.0 movement in reference to its collaborative and evolutionary journey of development.

Aligned with the Healthcare 3.0 model is the increased focus on the Consumer-Patient archetype. Essentially, the Consumer-Patient archetype brings together two previously well-established and pre-defined approaches to healthcare, namely the patient-centred care approach and consumer-directed commercial models.

Healthcare 3.0+ model
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