Knowing Risks that matter

Today's Foresight, Tomorrow's Advantage

The purpose of the Deloitte Innovation Risk Centre is to illustrate a true competence in foresight enabling the ability to navigate these ‘post normal’ times of uncertainty, change and disruption.

The Deloitte foresight and innovation program is strongly endorsed as a proactive and timely initiative. It promises to deliver meaningful insights, direction, leadership in the region and the tools needed in achieving desired futures in the areas of cyber security, healthcare futures research and smart governance for the 21st century. These are all highly significant drivers of change, future prosperity and security.

This initiative gives substance to the imperative of foresight and innovation in this age. Not only does it represent thought leadership, it also represents shaping the future through action and collaboratively creating value with our partners and clients.

Knowing Risks that matter

Deloitte & Russell Reynolds joint Cyber Security event on 23 July 2015

In light of the increasing cybercrime incidences, there have been growing concerns expressed in the area of cyber security by global corporations and a pressing need for organisations to be always ready with the capability and expertise to deal with the myriad of cyber security threats.

This seminar provided the platform for attendees to discuss how to take pragmatic steps towards a more stable cyber environment. Deloitte is a leader in cyber security management and Russell Reynolds is world-renowned in leadership search and succession. This partnership recognises that combating cyber-crime requires a combination of knowledge, capability and talent.

New Cyber Security Operations Centre in Singapore provides coverage across all times zones

Deloitte SEA launched its new Cyber Security Operations Centre (CyberSOC) in Singapore on 3 September. This centre will provide our clients with security coverage across all times zones, and it is linked into Deloitte Global’s Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC).

The launch of the CyberSOC facilities in the Asia complements the services that Deloitte has been providing globally to combat the increasing complexity and frequency of cybercrimes around the world. These centres will enable round-the-clock security services to be provided to clients across all times zones, including advanced security event monitoring, threat analytics and cyber threat management to prepare businesses for the likelihood of increased cyber threats in the future. As cyber security risks are expected to continue to escalate, additional Deloitte centres are already being planned to meet the increasing demand.

This is especially relevant for Singapore as they have positioned themselves to be a "SMART" nation and cyber security has been identified as a key pillar towards realising this ambition. A secure and safe business environment will fortify trust and confidence in global investors, as Singapore continues to maintain its leadership as the financial hub in the region. It will also help Singapore realise its next chapter of economic growth that builds upon innovation and R&D in high-end industries such as aerospace, defence, biomedical and pharmaceuticals.

The CyberSOC is led by Thio Tse Gan, Cyber Security Leader for Deloitte SEA. To find out more about the centre in Singapore, please contact SEA Clients & Markets Executive.

Deloitte Cyber SOC Launch
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