Smart Governance in a Smart Nation


Smart Governance in a Smart Nation

A Singapore perspective

Singapore’s vision of a Smart Nation, is a nation where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology, offering exciting opportunities for all.

The role of technology as the enabler for a Smart Nation is not surprising and harnessing technology to improve on governance is more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Governance as a concept is not difficult, but so much is built on so many varying components that sometimes people feel that it is like a castle in the air. While the outcome is clear, the tangible form of a governance structure is not. The Code of Corporate Governance 2012 helped to provide clear guidelines and references for the Board of Directors and is a great example of how such a structure could take form.

Governance for a business goes broader and deeper. It needs to take into account strategic, financial, operational and regulatory aspects while being able to meet its stakeholders’ requirements and manage its value drivers and associated risks.

In realising the principles of Smart Governance, professional risk specialists are looking towards leveraging the latest technology capabilities to bring about an ease of access of governance related information and solutions. It could be visualised as a digital platform where business leaders could turn to address their governance-related needs. Essentially, the Smart Governance model enables the House of Governance. Read this insightful publication to find out more.

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