Internal Audit Services

Assure. Advise. Anticipate. Accelerate.

Deloitte’s Internal Audit services help companies look below the surface to achieve superior performance through a full range of outsourcing, co-sourcing, and advisory services—including the use of technology and data analytics.

Deloitte, teaming or working as client's Internal Audit function, to achieve a high level of performance, assisting with enhancing process efficiency, fraud detection, operational quality, internal control, and regulatory compliance. We enhance the overall value of Internal Audit functions by strengthening quality, flexibility, efficiency, and value. Additionally, Deloitte helps clients extend their Internal Audit oversight to gain greater understanding of key enterprise risks such as evolving IT systems, applications, and other technologies.

Highlights of our Internal Audit services:

Our Services

Internal Audit Strategy, Effectiveness Advisory, and Review

We help organizations strengthen the effectiveness of their Internal Audit Function, including through transformational activities and strategy development.  We perform independent effectiveness reviews of Internal Audit Functions, typically evaluating conformance with Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA) Standards, comparing Internal Audit’s practices against leading practices, and assessing Internal Audit’s performance relative to stakeholder needs and expectations. 

Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

We assist clients in the deployment of their Internal Audit capabilities, ranging from performing the organization’s Internal Audit activities through an outsourced model to partnering with the in-house Internal Audit function to co-source the delivery of their activities.

Business process / Internal Control Review

We help clients to perform in-depth review of their "as is" business processes to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, and ultimately define the "to be" state to meet their business objectives.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

We support SOX implementation and management for US, Japan and Korea, which are tailored to individual client needs. For private organisations planning for initial public offering ("IPO"), we perform a SOX readiness assessment for a successful SOX compliance program. For listed companies, we assist clients in optimising SOX compliance efforts to drive greater efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

Pre-IPO Readiness Assessment Services

We help clients to prepare for relevant IPO requirements by evaluating and assessing the adequacy of their existing internal controls and business processes.

Risk Assessment

We provide an assessment of the company's risks to identify audit areas from the overall audit universe to focus on areas that matters. 

Control Self-assessment

We assist organisations in implementing Control Self Assessment (“CSA”) which is an effective approach in identifying and managing risk within the organization. CSA is a framework in providing organization with an overview to manage their risks to an acceptable level. The objectives of the CSA is for staff to assess the risks and controls within their area of oversight and to assess the adequacy of controls on a regular basis.

Agile Internal Audit

Agile Internal Audit is the mindset an Internal Audit function will adopt to focus on stakeholder needs, accelerate audit cycles, drive timely insights and reduce wasted effort.  Agile prompts internal auditors and stakeholders to determine, upfront, the value to be delivered by an audit project. Agile also prioritizes audits and projects based on both importance and urgency as well as readiness to undertake the work. Finally, reporting doesn’t focus on documenting the work but on providing insights. The adoption of Agile Internal Audit will improve audit cycle times, break dependencies, and increase overall quality of audit recommendations.

Internal Audit on Sustainability Reporting Process

As the third line, internal audit plays a vital role in assuring fundamental financial, operational, and compliance internal controls are operating effectively and validating the effectiveness of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) activities.

We incorporate ESG into internal plan and provide audits relating to ESG in three areas. 1) Standalone assessments - help understand appropriate policy, control landscape, and responsibilities around ESG as of a point in time; 2) Embedded approach - used as pulse check on the business as part of any audit performed to ensure ESG related activities are being appropriately identified, considered, and documented; 3) ESG Focused reviews - Deep dive focus to provide valuable assurance on key ESG areas, where stakeholders have concern, or where risk appetite is low.

Enterprise Risk Management

Deloitte Enterprise Risk Management Framework and Processes are align with COSO ERM 2017, ISO 31000:2018, and, where applicable - Baseline Standards for ERM for Singapore Public Service.