Advanced – Managing GST risk & compliance: 17 Mar 2016


Advanced – Managing GST risk & compliance: 17 Mar 2016

17 March 2016 | Singapore, Singapore Marriott Hotel

“How simple is GST? Do I need to worry?”
“Excluded transactions? What does that mean for me?"
“GST schemes? Do these apply to my business?”

Do you have similar questions when thinking about your GST obligations?

Taxpayers often fall victim to the misconception that GST is simple - just charge 7%. However, there is much more to GST than meets the eye.

Topics covered will include:

  • Key GST concepts you need to know before considering GST implications
  • The most commonly used zero-rating provisions
  • Excluded transaction in the case of a “Transfer of a going concern” – what this means for you
  • Agency arrangements: how each of these operate to give your business a competitive edge
  • GST schemes: a review of the common schemes used and the requirements to qualify

This workshop will build on the topics covered in our basic workshop. We will cover in detail the key GST concepts and the corresponding implications including an in depth coverage of commonly used zero-rating provisions and the other less common areas of the GST regime that you may find applicable in your GST operations. These include how a transfer of a going concern would affect your proposed takeovers/ purchases of businesses and also understanding the various GST schemes that provide approved businesses with a competitive edge.

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar. Do not wait too long to sign up - seats are limited.

Advanced – Managing GST risk & compliance