Advanced – Managing GST risk & compliance


Advanced GST – Managing GST risk & compliance

When did you last conduct a comprehensive GST returns review? Do you consider GST aspect when making your business decisions?

25 May 2018, 9am – 5pm | Grand Hyatt Singapore

Workshop Objectives

Taxpayers often overlook the GST aspect when making business decisions and this potential pitfall could have undesirable outcome, e.g. reducing your margins, compliance issues, etc. Therefore, it is essential that taxpayers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and mindset to manage their GST compliance.

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  • Key GST concepts you need to know before considering GST implications
  • The most commonly used zero-rating provisions
  • Excluded transaction in the case of a “Transfer of a going concern” – what this means for you
  • Agency arrangements: how each of these operate to give your business a competitive edge
  • GST schemes: a review of the common schemes used and the requirements to qualify


If you have any questions, please contact Joycelyn Tan.

Advanced - Managing GST risk & compliance