Withholding Tax Workshop

10 April 2017, 1pm to 5pm, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

This half-day seminar is designed to equip finance professionals with practical knowledge needed to stay on top of their organisation’s withholding tax obligations and comes packed with case studies to illustrate the application of withholding tax provisions.

Seminar Outline

  • Withholding tax basics – Treatment of payments of interest, royalties, service fees, etc.
  • Specific exemptions and remissions
  • Administrative requirements – Timeline to withhold tax, when is income deemed to have been paid to a non-resident
  • Application of tax treaties
  • Case studies on the application of withholding tax provisions

Who should attend

  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Tax professionals

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We look forward to having you at our seminar!

Withholding Tax Workshop