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Deloitte offers human resources and payroll services that can help improve efficiency of traditionally complex and time consuming tasks for global businesses. Leveraging strategic perspective and technology can help align a company's practices and policies with its corporate vision, open new channels of communication, and improve processes, and help manage costs. Outsourcing administrative human resources tasks can help businesses contain costs, manage employer-related risks, reduce administrative burdens, maintain information confidentiality, and improve organisational effectiveness.

Our services can include:

Payroll management:

  • Customize and set up payroll system per business requirements
  • Calculate other deductions for employees
  • Process pay statements
  • Calculate and accrue compensation benefits
  • Manage payroll journal entries
  • Administer distribution of payroll funds
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) submissions and other business reporting
  • Prepare year end employee earning reports for tax reporting

Payroll support system:

  • Maintain and update system tables
  • Develop and analyze queries and reports
  • Provide technical assistance and support to payroll systems users

Salary and benefits administration:

  • Manage reward/benefit schemes and policies
  • Provide support to clarify and explain set benefits and procedures
  • Coordinate, control, and manage benefits vendor
  • Fulfil local tax and legal requirements as well as any specifications mandated by the business

HR workforce support:


  • Offer administrative support on maintenance of employee files
  • Provide support to clarify and explain set benefits and procedures
  • Integrate HR data to generate customized management reports

Labor compliance:

  • Review of labor and social security procedures
  • Monitor ongoing outsourced services
  • Assistance in managing CPF liabilities
  • Review payroll system, perfomance goals, benefits agreements, and behavioural codes

Project back-end support:

  • Backfill key positions during transformation initiatives so that assigned personnel can focus solely on the success of the project without the responsibility of concurrently balancing their "day job"

Training support:

  • Develop and conduct training workshops on payroll processes and procedures
  • Establish and maintain payroll system reference materials

HR reporting:

  • Standard reporting to the client and authorities. Includes monthly CPF submissions, year-end tax returns, due from the employer, budget and forecast

Travel & entertainment compliance & reporting:

  • Processing and reporting of expense claims from employees of clients

Absence management:

  • Administration of sick, vacation, and maternity leave


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