Research & development and government incentives

Deloitte Private

Businesses that understand what is available and the requirements for qualification can obtain significant operational and fiscal benefits.

We understand companies face a difficult task managing their tax affairs efficiently and cost effectively, especially in the tax incentive and grant application process. At Deloitte, our professionals are highly experienced in the practicalities of applying for and negotiating of incentives and grants including aspects from initial feasibility reviews to document submission.

Deloitte’s knowledge and experience in this specialised area, acquired through assisting many companies over the years, enables us to duly understand and evaluate all the nuances of this process and allows our clients to be confident that they can realise potential benefits with minimum time and effort.

In the area of R&D claims preparation, Deloitte assists with the whole process from identifying eligible research & development (R&D) activities to preparing robust supporting documentation required to file a submission. Deloitte combines deep tax technical expertise with highly experienced engineers so that the multiple aspects of an incentive claim are understood and considered.

Deloitte’s professionals also include former officials with government agencies who have an in-depth understanding of the intricate application and regulatory processes, enabling us to provide strong support in our clients’ discussions with relevant authorities and help facilitate negotiation processes.