From recovery to transformation

All disruptions emerge from an ‘edge’; from the boundaries of what is dominant or ‘core’ today. What is initially dismissed as peripheral may evolve to eventually disrupt, and even supplant the core.

The Edges of Southeast Asia series aims to showcase examples that go beyond opportunities of digitalisation to reveal unseen stories of inclusion, renewal, sustainability, evolving identity and aesthetic. The Deloitte Center for the Edge, together with the Singapore Economic Development Board and the US-ASEAN Business Council, have sought to curate and showcase the Edges of Southeast Asia, shining a light on the emerging bright spots of creativity and innovation in the region.

Southeast Asia is a region of cultural diversity, vibrant opportunities, and youthful optimism. Somewhere between the skyscrapers and tuk tuks in bustling city centers, on beautiful tourist beaches, in rural farms, and flowing down the Mekong river, edges are pushing boundaries of our imagination. Edges have the potential to disrupt how people live, work and play, in the future.

As the world begins to look to the horizon of recovery from the pandemic, Southeast Asia is aspiring beyond, to a more ambitious horizon of transformation.


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The Edges of Southeast Asia

These Edges of Southeast Asia have been curated from businesses, art, design, architecture, science, culture, movements, and policies that are largely unknown outside of the region. Individually, and as a collection, they are designed to provoke curiosity, allowing the reader to reimagine the region, and indeed the world, with new eyes. We encourage you to explore these cases, to consider how they might impact your future business, and most importantly, to imagine how they might apply in context outside of the original.

Warung Pintar

The digital future of mom-and-pop retail

Grab & Gojek

Superapp-powered economic development


Fintech for the underbanked


Muslim fashion, modesty, and the Western Gaze


Remixing the music business in a digital age

Free Fire

A sport or not a sport?


Global brands, local stores

Anurak Seruethai

The unlikely social media entrepreneur


Elevating artisanal crafts

Tun Yat

Sharing economy for paddy prosperity

Kampot Pepper

Matching value with quality and tradition

Global Halal Data Pool

Modernising standards of faith


Blockchain for food


Old flavours, new styles, globalising tastes


More drinks, less glass

Avani Eco

Like plastic, but better

Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc

Closing the loop on dead-end plastic

Saving Boracay

Bad for business, good for nature


Better, faster, cheaper, greener

BSD City

Sustainability at scale by design

Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park

Mitigating floods with monkey cheeks


Real doctors, virtual visits, immediate relief

National Steps Challenge

Gamifying preventative healthcare


Mobile screen time, quality school time

ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence

Fighting formless formidable foes


Visit the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) micro-site for an alternate view of the Edges of Southeast Asia series
Singapore EDB – Edges of Southeast Asia

Continuing the exploration

We plan to continue to explore, unearth, and showcase more edges from Southeast Asia, and engage businesses, government agencies, institutions and the public in an ongoing conversation of how the region is evolving and how we can collectively participate in accelerating positive change in the region.
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Meet our Leader

Duleesha Kulasooriya

Managing Director

Center for the Edge

Deloitte Southeast Asia