Edges of Southeast Asia

The Unseen Edges emerge

As the world begins to look to the horizon of recovery from the pandemic, Southeast Asia is aspiring beyond, to a more ambitious horizon of transformation.

Hidden under the narrative of growth are a set of diverse unseen Edges, initiatives that are pushing against commonly accepted boundaries, emerging from different parts of Asia. These unseen Edges are hugely consequential to society from a business, societal and technological perspective. Leveraging 6 key themes, this series aims to provoke curiosity for audience to explore the nuances and vibrancy in Southeast Asia today.

The edges of Southeast Asia cards have been designed to inspire you to reimagine business and growth opportunities. Each card presents and emerging Edge, which is elaborated upon to connect and provide further insight into broader megatrends.

Edges of Southeast Asia was created in collaboration with the US ASEAN Business Council and the Economic Development Board of Singapore to shine a light on the bright spots of creativity and innovation in the region.

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