Webinar: CE CFO Programme

The CFO Toolbox – Adding value and driving change in a new landscape

30 September 2021

After a year of disruption and uncertainty, CFOs are facing massive change within their organizations, teams, and strategies. As a result, their CFO Toolbox needs an update in the methods and skills that ensure future competitiveness and effectiveness within our new organizational landscape. What are the key approaches and course CFOs need to navigate moving forward? How will their teams and stakeholder relationship change and how can they adapt? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed to enable success moving forward.

It is vital for CFOs to evaluate and revise their toolbox as environments change. The importance of relationships within their teams and other stakeholders along with the continued expectation to add value and drive effective change is central to their role within finance and beyond.

During our first Deloitte Central Europe (CE) CFO Programme Webinar, we will discuss the essential skills and approaches that strengthen today’s CFO Toolbox. Geared toward Finance Directors and CFOs alike, the webinar will discuss relevant topics from the relationship between CFO and CEO and strategies for adding value and adapting in a new landscape to what CFOs need to know before an IPO. These topics and the skills and tools that are relevant are important to any CFO Toolbox.

Our webinar will cover three key elements of the CFO toolbox with discussions and insights from a diverse group C-Suite Leaders throughout Central Europe:

  • The CFO as Leader and Partner to CFO – How this relationship is vital to remaining competitive and effective in a changing landscape
  • Delivering value as driving change in a post-crisis world – Merging topics that cover the strategic CFO, adding value with your Board of Directors and navigating your organization in an ever-changing landscape
  • CFOs and IPOs – Managing Investor relations and company performance amidst a multitude of external and internal factors

Our moderators and panelists will include:

Ferenc Póczak – Partner, CE CFO Programme Leader, Deloitte
Marina Tonžetić – Partner, Member of the Board, Deloitte
Tomislav Rosandić – CEO, Dalekovod d.d.
PhD Vuk Vuković - CEO, Oraclum
Nikola Dujmović – CEO, SPAN Group
Ana Vukšić – Finance Director, SPAN Group
Adrian Dimitriu – CFO, Chimcomplex
Filip Belak – Group CFO, EP Power Europe
Zsófia Bartha – Head of Finance and Administration, Miele Hungary

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