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Valuation and Modelling

We render valuations services in many different circumstances including transactions, financial reporting, purchase price allocation, intangible assets valuation, dispute resolution and strategic planning.

Our team advises on all aspects of valuing companies, income generating assets, listed and unlisted securities, intellectual property and intangible assets both in Slovenia and abroad. The team works across all industries and business stages. We dynamically merge our valuation and industry knowledge to assist our clients in valuation issues.

Our valuation specialists are part of a global network of practitioners with access to experience and market information around the world and offer advice to both public and private companies.

Valuation for internal decision making purposes related to the potential transactions

We put our expertise at your disposal to ensure that you and your team gain a clear view on the key value drivers of the transaction as well as the related risks so that you can come to a balanced decision between price and value.

Valuation for financial reporting

The financial reporting environment is evolving rapidly and Deloitte is committed to helping our clients stay at the leading edge of these developments to weather both the implications and the opportunities. Deloitte offers preparations of valuations for accounting purposes in accordance with the IFRS standards.

Determination of share exchange conversion ratio, squeeze-out of minority shareholders and value determination in acquisitions

Valuation preparation in the accordance with the specifics of the legislation.

Purchase price allocation (PPA)

A purchase price allocation is typically needed in the transaction execution and integration stages of a transaction. It can be done on a preliminary basis during the financial due diligence phase to give an indication of assets and liabilities likely to be acquired, particularly intangible assets, together with their likely impact on future earnings. It can then be formalised after completion of the transaction which involves discussions with the company’s auditors to ensure that all financial impacts are quantified and agreed prior to the relevant review or audit date.

Valuation of intangible assets

A key concern for companies recognising intangible assets is their impact on the financial statements. Brands, tradenames, customer relationships, patents, formulas and exclusive supply agreements are all forms of intangible assets that are key value drivers in a business.

Fairness opinion

Deloitte has the experience to offer fairness opinion services with objectivity, a foundation of integrity and ethics, industry acumen, and access to a multi-disciplinary team offering a full suite of transaction-related services. Clients turn to us for our significant experience advising from an objective third-party perspective, as we offer an unbiased view of the fairness of the financial terms of a transaction.

Valuation of loan portfolio

Provision of valuation services in relation to the receivables, including performing or non performing loans for banks.

Litigation and dispute resolution

When facing disputes that may lead to litigation or dealing with complex business matters, our clients need to rely on a financial expert to clarify facts, quantify damages and communicate findings in a clear, objective and persuasive manner. Examples of our work include lost profit calculation, valuation of distressed companies, solvency opinions preparation.


Tilen Vahčič

Tilen Vahčič

FA leader for Slovenia and the Transaction Support leader for CE South

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