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About us

Deloitte Slovenia was established in 1993. In such a short time of our presence on the Slovenian market, we achieved enviable results and became one of the leading companies for consulting services in Slovenia.

Deloitte Slovenia includes two companies: Deloitte revizija d.o.o. and Deloitte svetovanje d.o.o. Deloitte revizija d.o.o. offers the services of external audit and risk management, while Deloitte svetovanje d.o.o. is in charge of business, tax, legal and financial advisory services.
Our team is composed of more than 80 devoted local and foreign experts that enhance the service performance with a combination of vast knowledge of Slovenian business environment, globally effective solutions and high-quality international practices.

What can we do for you?

We offer an extensive array of advisory services to companies that would like to invest in Slovenian organizations. Our experts will help you to gain knowledge of the Slovenian business culture and environment and to overcome legal and linguistic barriers, successfully.

For this reason, we offer also a vast array of services for the German-speaking clients that will enable them to approach their potential partners in more personal manner and to enter into business immediately.

Our services

We are certain that with our extensive experience and skilled professionals we can provide important assistance also to the companies that are already present on the Slovenian market.

Deloitte Slovenia offers a considerable arrangement of professional services:

  • audit;
  • business advisory;
  • financial advisory;
  • tax advisory;
  • legal advisory and
  • risk management.

Why Deloitte?

Our global integral approach, expertise and innovativeness combine on various levels with our excellent knowledge of business and industries, by means of which we provide our clients with complete solutions and help them to achieve excellence. Our cooperation with clients is unquestionably distinct, as we always adjust our multidisciplinary services to their individual requirements. We assure partnership, share our knowledge and experience and guarantee unified approach to finding solutions. We pursue development of long-term relations, close cooperation and outstanding knowledge of our clients, as we accompany them at every level of their growth.


Andreja Škofič Klanjšček

Partner of the Slovene tax and legal practice
+386 31 641 254

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