The global and local HR function

Balance scale and agility

A new model of “high-impact” HR blends globalized talent practices for consistency and mobility with localized flexibility to attract, retain, and manage people appropriately.

Global HR and Talent Management is the second most urgent and important trend for large companies around the world (those with 10,000 or more employees), according to our global survey. Companies face the challenge of developing an integrated global operating model that allows for customizable local implementation, enabling them to capitalize on rapid business growth in emerging economies, tap into local skills, and optimize local talent strategies.  

Local labor markets vary widely in their available skills, demographics, and labor dynamics. Talent strategies now need to be global in scale, but still agile enough to effectively recruit, train and develop people locally. A new model of high-impact HR has emerged that lets innovation and local control work together with global coordination and standards to drive global business expansion.

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