The overwhelmed employee

Simplify the work environment

Technology and too much access have turned us into “overwhelmed” employees. Nearly every company sees this as a challenge to individual productivity and overall performance, but struggles to handle it.

People are overwhelmed with the volume and always-on nature of messages, email, information, and work-related activities. Our mobile devices now let us bring work with us 24/7. Yet we know this is destructive to our family lives, our ability to focus, and our organization’s ability to make strategic decisions.  

More than one-third of executives in our global survey rated this issue among their top five priorities, but fewer than one in 10 thought they were dealing with it effectively. What can be done to manage the frenetic communications practices that overwhelm employees, simplify the work environment, create more flexible work standards, and teach workers how to prioritize? Read what companies are doing and get new ideas to address this fast-growing human capital challenge.

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