Customer of the future

Changing needs, changing experiences

Elevating the human experience to engage and excite customers in a new world defined by shifting needs and priorities

The days of “business as usual” are over.

Even after the public health threat of the COVID-19 pandemic passes, and the working and commercial worlds re-emerge from physical isolation, the business landscape will have fundamentally changed.

Driving that change is a new kind of customer, with new expectations, demanding a new kind of connection.

The human need for safety and the shift to virtual interactions during the pandemic caused customers to rethink their lifestyle and purchasing habits. Many of these habits will endure, permanently disrupting the business-customer relationship. 

The pandemic has been dubbed “a time machine to the future”, because it accelerated key business trends—such as the mass shift to e-commerce and home delivery—by a decade or more.

At Deloitte, we are reimagining how we can help companies recover and thrive in this next normal by understanding and responding to their customers’ evolving needs.

We help organizations move to a human-centered customer strategy, deploying powerful data insights to pivot from a product-centric to an audience-centric approach. And we enable strategic and agile adoption of the cutting-edge digital technologies that will enable sales teams to acquire, service, and grow an engaged and loyal customer base.

We help businesses reimagine how they interact with customers at every touchpoint by defining new ways to address changes in contact center operations and customer expectations. As buyers demand virtual and touchless experiences that safeguard their health and inspire trust, organizations must respond with speed, empathy, and humanity.

Our offerings are tailored to empower organizations in B2C and B2B industries—such as retail, health, finance, travel, hospitality, and industrial products—to optimize their customer relationships for sustained growth.

Some of the industry-leading approaches and solutions Deloitte provides to help organizations serve the customer of the future are:

Precision Growth. In the post-COVID environment, where businesses need to rethink their products and offerings to discover new areas for growth, our Precision Growth solution helps you identify the growth levers in your organization you can pull to make it happen. We help you activate each lever quickly, at scale, and with precision; and we stay with you after launch, helping you adapt and optimize each growth path as internal and market conditions change.

Digital Accelerators to Recover and Thrive (DART). Our DART playbooks provide you with meaningful insights and perspectives on the myriad digital capabilities that can enhance customer experience and spark growth. Leverage our DART approach to improve last-mile delivery; deploy contactless customer interactions; introduce empathy-driven customer service; fast-track e-commerce solutions; deploy social sensing to understand and manage customer expectations; and much more.

Hux by Deloitte Digital. The Hux platform deploys leading-edge digital capabilities, including deep data analysis and artificial intelligence, to help you reinvent your marketing, sales, and service. The resulting experiences engage customers to develop deep emotional connections to your products and brands, driving loyalty and business growth.

Talk to us to find out how your organization can elevate the human experience and make your customers a sustained engine of growth in a new and uncertain world.

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