Digital customer service? The CRM system is the foundation

A comprehensive approach to customer service at every point of contact is not only an ambitious challenge, but above all a necessity. Nowadays, consumer awareness is very high, which means that the requirements for the level of customer service are growing. To meet the requirements, a modern approach to the CRM system is needed.

From the article you will learn:

  • What causes the problem of inconsistent customer experience with service and how to solve it;
  • What is the DXP (Digital Experience Platform) platform;
  • What are the benefits of connecting the CRM system with the DXP platform

What do you think, what percentage of customers think that the level of service provided by the company is as important as the products or services it offers? Twenty %? Thirty %? Perhaps this information will surprise you a lot, but we are talking about 80% of customers. This is not a part, not the majority, but almost all clients that companies are fighting for today. Digital technology leaders are well aware of this by investing in improving digital customer service. So how to increase the level of personalization and ensure smooth operation of customer contact channels?

The problem of inconsistent experiences

Customers need smooth service regardless of the form of contact with the brand. However, as it turns out, they all too often encounter one form of service when they contact the company by email, another form when they call, and another when they visit the brand's online platform. The way of interacting with customers is often radically different from the way sales are conducted, which in turn differs from marketing activities. If we would like to consider these areas separately, discrepancies would not be a problem. Unfortunately, they make up a full picture of customer service that lacks harmony. In this situation, the customer may have the impression that he is dealing with various companies.

How to build coherence?

So what can digital technology leaders do so that customers, regardless of their contact channel, do not feel confused and lost? The answer to this question is provided by the Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Its role is to ensure the digital integration of customer service: websites, portals and mobile applications, including marketing and commercial processes, customer service processes, etc.
The success of the DXP platform is determined by the quality of the data that will be entered into it. Fortunately, many companies, including yours, already have all the data they need. Just look at your CRM system. This is the best source of data about your clients. And in conjunction with the DXP platform, the CRM system can become the basis for providing great customer service. And that's not all.

The combination of the DXP platform with data from the CRM system determines the competitive advantage of your company in three main areas:

1. A reliable source of information about customers in each area

By using data from the CRM system, you use a reliable source, whose most important element is the customer. This means you can be sure that regardless of the digital contact point, you are using the same customer information. The image of the customer based on the CRM system means that information about the customer and his preferences are always available. Regardless of how his contact with the brand looks today.

2. A consistent level of service at all points of contact

The customer contacts the brand using the website, mobile applications and other digital solutions. And the company's activities can provide him with consistent positive experiences. This does not mean that only customer service specialists have information on activity within various channels (although it is also very important!). By combining the DXP platform and CRM system, we ensure consistency at all levels: building brand awareness, content, data and products.

3. Personalized service and content

Content is a form of a conversation between your brand and the customer. Therefore, content management is a DXP element. The combination of the CRM system and the DXP platform allows you to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time. This is important both when the content is a FAQ about a recently purchased product, as well as when we are talking about a blog post about a new product. By adapting content to the client, we increase his involvement, conversion level and loyalty.

A combination of digital experiences

One source of customer information helps ensure consistency and personalization, which are so important in the area of digital experience. Thanks to it, we can provide customers with a service that will better suit their needs. And it is the combination of the CRM system and the DXP platform that will ensure fully harmonious service. Even if you are just starting out, putting the CRM system at the center of customer relationships, you can now already increase your chances of success. The basis of the company's activity is customers and service at the level they expect. 

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