Tax-certified cash registers

Tax News, April 2015

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Tax-certified cash registers

Draft of the Act on verification of invoices is expected to be adopted by the end of April 2015. The respective Act shall impose mandatory use of tax-certified cash registers for all taxable persons dealing in cash transactions (including credit and debit cards) from 1 October 2015 onwards.

The cash registers shall enable on-line connection with the Slovene tax authorities, with whom they shall exchange the data electronically. The IT system of the Slovene tax authorities shall verify the provided data automatically and assign each invoice with a unique identification code. This code shall be stated on every issued invoice.

The timeline of further legislation and technical procedures is envisaged as follows:

  • April 2015: Publishing of the draft of the Implementing Regulation of the Act on verification of invoices;
  • 1 July 2015: Adoption of Implementing Regulation;
  • July 2015: Publishing of technical specifications of the required IT solutions and processes;
  • August 2015: Setting up of a test system for software developers;
  • September 2015: Establishment of optional test system for taxable persons;
  • 1 October 2015: Entering into force of the Act on verification of invoices.

VAT system entry threshold to remain unchanged

Slovene Government rejected the proposal to raise the threshold for mandatory entry in the VAT system from 50.000 euros to 100.000 euros that would considerably simplify business activities of certain taxable persons.

The proposed increase of the threshold was rejected as, according to the Government, this would reduce the inherent neutrality of the VAT system.

Thus, the threshold shall remain unchanged and all taxable persons exceeding the threshold of 50.000 euros per year shall remain obliged to be identified for VAT purposes.

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