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January 2014

Amendment on the methods of reporting for intrastat

Amendment on the methods of reporting of data relating to the trading of goods between EU Member States for intrastat statistics

With the 1 February 2014 intrastat reporting in paper forms will not be accepted anymore.

As from the above date only intrastat reports submitted via electronic means will be accepted, whereas the persons liable for intrastat reporting can choose one of the two possible ways of reporting:

Electronic reporting requires the use of a personal digital certificate, which is required to enter the web application. Alternatively, it is also possible to authorize other person, who has already acquired a digital certificate in Slovenia to file intrastat reports. The granting of authorizations for reporting can be done using the relevant authorization forms, available on the intrastat website.

Establishing electronic reporting requires a special application for entry into the system of reporting for intrastat. The relevant application can be found on the intrastat website as well.

For persons liable for intrastat reporting, which are already using the electronic means of reporting, no other changes are scheduled for 2014 compared to the previous year.

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