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March 2014

Deadline extension for submitting CIT and PIT from business activity returns


The Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (Tax Administration) has been informed of the difficulties the taxpayers have been experiencing regarding the submission of the 2013 Corporate Income Tax return (CIT return) and the 2013 Personal Income Tax from business activity return (PIT from business activity).

Considering the facts and circumstances leading to difficulties with submission of the respective returns in the beginning of 2014, the Tax Administration has announced that the taxpayers will be granted the right to submit the respective tax returns after the statutory deadline (i.e. 31st March 2014), and will not be penalized for late reporting.

Taxpayers are allowed to file the respective tax returns by 22nd April 2014.

Payment deadline and refund deadline

The deadline for payment of liabilities will however remain unchanged regardless of the actual filing date after due date. This means that taxpayers must settle the difference between the advance and actual tax liability for 2013 according to their 2013 CIT filing by no later than 30th April 2014.

The deadline by which any overpaid advance tax for 2013 will be refunded also remains unchanged. Tax Administration will refund the overpaid amounts to the taxpayers within 30 days from the actual date of submission of the return.

Already submitted returns

Taxpayers who already submitted their 2013 CIT return in electronic form via one of the previous versions of the Silvester Pelias support program, do not need to re-submit the respective return via the latest version of the program.

Self-employed persons who determined their tax base considering actual revenues and normalized expenses (70% of actual revenues) and have already submitted their 2013 PIT from business activity return in paper form, also do not need to re-submit the respective return via the new version of Silvester Fineus support program. The latter also applies to returns already submitted in electronic form.

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