Barbara Žibret Kralj

Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Slovenia

Barbara Žibret Kralj

Barbara graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and received the Prešeren (the highest national award) and the Bank of Slovenia awards for her thesis. She gained additional experience in the field of finance at the University of Glasgow and finished a Master’s Degree in Economics in Ljubljana. Barbara also cooperated as an assistant in the department for audit and accounting at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

She was a member of a special expert team in Deloitte Central Europe, which is responsible for advising the firm’s audit teams and for more complex issues occurring in the fields of the International Financial Reporting Standards. She gives regular lectures at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors and Finance Academy and manages the Deloitte Academy project in Slovenia.

Barbara is a registered Certified Auditor with the Slovenian Institute of Auditors and has 15 years of experience in external audit. She is specialized in audits of larger corporate groups and the insurance industry and has cooperated in numerous audit engagements in private and public sector.

For several years, she has cooperated with the Slovenian Institute of Auditors by carrying out education programmes for obtaining the title of a Certified Auditor, as well as with the Slovenian Directors' Association.

In addition to her specialisation in the area of audit advisory and special audits at Deloitte, Barbara is also in charge of various education projects, such as Deloitte Academy, internal and external trainings in the fields of audit, accounting, accounting standards and many others.

Barbara Žibret Kralj