Financial services consulting

Global network, local expertise

Financial services are facing unprecedented challenges. Against the backdrop of the most hostile economic environment in living memory, organisations must also deal with the internal pressures wrought by new technologies and regulatory changes.

How we can help The current environment for financial service organisations is the most challenging and difficult in living memory. We work as part of multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients solve the most complex and difficult challenges they face by bringing outstanding expertise and insight. Our expertise and insight into retail banking, insurance and investment management help our clients solve the most complex and difficult challenges. Many factors have contributed to Deloitte becoming the world’s largest financial services practice by revenue. What sets us apart from other firms is the way we work. We believe that successful outcomes are most likely to be achieved when the service that we provide suits each client and their specific requirements. Our key service areas We can assist with revenue and customer growth, human capital, finance transformation, risk and regulation execution, core platforms, operations excellence, and, central to them all - programme leadership and delivery.