Issue 12 - September 2013

Performance is a global publication covering hot topics of interest to Investment Management professionals.

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In prosperous times, the asset management industry tends to pay less attention to its operating model. The vast majority of resources are targeted as growth and a little inefficiency is often tolerated.  During financial downturns, the focus at many firms tend to shift to maximizing immediate cost-savings with less focus on the long-term impact curs might have on quality or risk management.

In this issue:

Market buzz   

  • Now is the time for asset managers to redesign their global operating model
  • Performance attribution - Investment performance under the microscope
  • Setting the stage for future growth - Hedge fund spin-off considerations
  • Navigating the Swiss regulatory landscape for effective distribution

External perspective

  •  Rebalancing the economics of the European mutual fund
  • The positive contributions of small international financial centres - Informing the global debate
  • The future of asset management - Davids and Goliaths?
  • Power law investing
  • Australian hedge funds - Why they are worth taking a look
  • Investing in a dynamic environment - Is risk profiling the answer?

Regulatory angle

  • Linking the dots of the new regulatory framework for a better understanding of the new securities infrastructure landscape
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