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European Compliance Forum 2019

The professional compliance conference focused on compliance programme effectiveness and human failure risk management took place on 25-26 April in the pleasant environment of the Zochova Chata hotel in Modra.

Deloitte and Ružička and Partners prepared a rich programme for the participants with a range of experts and interesting topics.

Contributions, lectures and workshops offered an original understanding of compliance, outlined trends and expectations in this area. The programme combined academic approach to compliance with its practical application in both the private and public sector.  

The conference was based on a combination of short presentations of individual speakers with expert panels, where practical knowledge and experience was discussed. The lecture blocks were specialised and provided a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Emphasis was placed on practical application, experience of major market players and application approaches of public administration. Speakers from corporation, public sector, academia and executive management shared their practical experience, problems, opinions and solutions they face in their routine agenda.

ECF 2019 was divided into three main blocks:


The speakers presented their experience and different perspective on compliance. The participants had the opportunity to hear the opinions of prof. PhDr. Anny Remišová, PhD (FF, FM UK, Bratislava), Mgr. Dušan Kučera, PhD., MBA (VŠE, Prague), Vladimír Vaňo, MBA (CentralNic Group), Pavla Hladká (Deloitte) and JUDr. Lucie Schweizer (Ružička and Partners).


This block brought business insight into compliance processes and their effectiveness with a title „Lessons learned, wins and failures“. We looked at whether compliance really has added value and whether it can bring benefits to businesses operating in Central and Eastern Europe. “Effective compliance is always about people. Forget about programmes, focus on people.” The invitation was accepted by: Ing. Štefan Máj (Nadácia Slovenskej sporiteľne), Juraj Lipka (Philip Morris International), Ján Vittek (Tatra banka), Jitka Skof (Uniqa), JUDr. Jaroslav Spišiak (Slovnaft), Alexander Cimbaľák (ACE enterprise Slovakia/Bentley Systems), Daniel Marek (Systemios), Naďa Roštek Spustová (Slovnaft), JUDr. Juraj Szabó (Compliance expert), Lukáš Bakoš (Maxman) and others.


This block taught us to identify corporate psychopaths, which fraud investigations can reveal, how to conduct investigative interviews, what are the motives of fraudsters, how an ordinary employee becomes a fraudster, or why long-term reliable employees seem to commit most internal fraud. We also talked about cybersecurity and learnt how to identify fraudsters and liars. In addition to leading speakers in this field, such as Ing. Dr. Nora Lauková (F.A.M.E.), Cátia Pedro (Johnson Controls), Alexander Nagy (Deloitte Forensic) or Karol Suchánek (Cybersecurity expert), a special guest of this block was a world-renowned psychologist and behavioural analyst, Cliff Lansley. At his workshop, the participants learned about the psychological approach to identifying lies and the method of recognising deception indicators, and were able to test the method in real-life situations.


The main conference organisers, Pavla Hladká (Deloitte) and Lucia Schweizer (Ružička and Partners), commented on compliance:

“Understanding the importance of compliance and its support is still a challenge for some top managers. Setting the right tone at the top, implementing effective compliance programmes and preventive measures against organisational fraud helps companies as regards risk management, and also contributes to an improved corporate culture, employee integrity and strengthened relationships with business partners and regulators. In addition to regulatory compliance, every company should also focus on the ethical and forensic aspects of compliance.”

Pavla Hladká (Deloitte)

“Business can sometimes be excessively complicated and burdened by bureaucracy. However, to advance our business environment with regard to a transparent, fair and ethical market, compliance with legislation and setting business processes are of key importance. I always say that compliance is neither a burden, nor something to be feared. On the contrary. If the company customizes compliance to its real needs, it will become more efficient, more flexible and, at the end of the day, more profitable on the market.”

Lucia Schweizer (Ružička and Partners)

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We would like to thank all the speakers for their interesting lectures, the participants for the great atmosphere and the conference partners for their support of this exceptional event in Central Europe. We look forward to meeting you again next year.

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