Business Intelligence

Predict. Detect. Respond.

We help organizations predict and detect fraud risks. We review and investigate suspicions of fraud, and unethical behaviour by employees or third parties. An early response to reported fraudulent behaviour can reduce financial and reputational damage. Find out how to deal with such situations.

Helping our clients identify potential risks

Globalisation is driving more and more organisations into commercial partnerships in unfamiliar international markets, while new legislation increases the challenge for companies to understand who they are forming alliances or transacting with, and to demonstrate that they have fully considered the risks.

Deloitte has a dedicated and fully resourced global Business Intelligence Services practice, and so makes an ideal partner for local and multinational companies which require a deep understanding of the risks attached to target companies or individuals, or a new market.

Deloitte’s Business Intelligence Services (BIS) conducts background investigations on entities and individuals connected with prospective business transactions, third-party relationships, investments, internal investigations, and business disputes.

Our BIS investigators leverage open source and proprietary databases and work closely with clients to help them identify and minimize risk and make critical decisions with confidence. Clients turn to us for our in-depth experience and highly-specialized skills in due diligence and investigation, and to take advantage of our advanced technology, to help them gain deeper insights and navigate successful outcomes.

How we can help

I.      Assessing integrity and reputational risks associated with a business partner or acquisition target

Our integrity due diligence services help our clients better understand their potential business partners (customers and vendors), acquisition or alliance targets and major investors. The scope of each assignment is determined by the client’s specific needs and the planned relationship and our understanding and knowledge of the risks prevalent in the country or sector concerned. We combine publically-available information with data from our network of well-placed sources and from our existing domain knowledge. While no two integrity due diligence assignments are the same, our approach includes the following:

  • Enable the client to obtain undisclosed information on current or prospective business partners
  • Support the client to make the best decisions using the relevant external information
  • Prevent losses due to undisclosed information regarding a business partner
  • Target’s business history, activities and reputation
  • Track record of its principals
  • Source of its initial capital
  • Its track record in similar transactions
  • Obtaining and renewing requested government licenses and contracts
  • We examine a target’s use (and misuse) of political influence, conflicts of interest, and potential links to organised crime

II.         Pre-employment screening

Our pre-employment screening program provides our clients with reliable information on potential hires. In this way, we enable our clients to obtain undisclosed information on candidates and support them in making the best recruitment decisions. These services include:

  • Independent verification of potential hires’ personal information
  • Collection of additional predefined information on the individual
  • Corroboration of verbal statements of potential hires
  • Obtaining information on potential hires’ business activities
  • Analysing potential undisclosed links of potential hires
  • Checking potential conflicts of interest of new hires

III.       Supporting clients with conflict resolution

Our information and intelligence collection skills can also be a powerful tool in commercial dispute situations. In this area, we make use of the same information sources, but focus on issues such as:

  • Identifying and examining potential conflicting commercial interests
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the commercial modus operandi of an individual or company
  • Identifying assets held by a company or individual

Our services are used by clients to assist in complex cases such as information leaks, fraud investigations and embezzlement.

Our in-house multilingual capability and the network of Deloitte firms allows us to operate globally. We have extensive experience in developing markets, where reputation and integrity risks to investors can be more extensive and potentially damaging than in developed markets. Our typical clients are multinational companies, investment banks and private equity houses. We have also delivered our services to numerous Slovak companies.