Education and skills

Providing young people with access to opportunities to fulfil their aspirations and potential

Since 2009, member firms have directed over US$ 130 million in pro bono services, volunteer time, and cash or in-kind giving to education and skills programs.

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Deloitte invests in programs that unlock the potential of young people and enable them to acquire the skills they need for work and life. By 2015, our education and skills programs will reach more than 1 million young people around the world.


Deloitte member firms focus on providing access to opportunities that support young people to fulfil their aspirations and potential as individuals, within their community, and in today’s globalized society. Through close to 120 high-impact innovative education and skills programs in more than thirty member firms, Deloitte people apply their skills and experience to supporting underserved young people: teaching workshops and courses and serving as mentors to help them achieve their ambitions. Deloitte member firms are collaborating across borders, launching multi-country programs, and sharing leading practices with one another.


Deloitte is collaborating with high-impact programs and continually assessing the results those programs achieve. By effectively tracking impact, we identify the challenges faced, envision solutions, and provide support where we can make the greatest difference.

"We are committed to making a positive impact in education and skills because society depends on the success of today's young people. They must be prepared to excel in today's knowledge-based economy.
Our goal is to provide underserved young people with better opportunities so they can fulfill their hopes and potential"

Barry Salzberg
DTTL Chief Executive Officer

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