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A local/global approach

Diversity is increasing locally and globally, and more people are moving and working across borders. For any organization operating in this environment, understanding, embracing, and capitalizing on diversity is a bottom-line imperative, and can only happen if the workplace is truly inclusive and supportive of diverse perspectives.

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Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) defines diversity as the richness of our people’s viewpoints, experiences, cultures, and backgrounds. Inclusion means behaviors, policies, and practices that allow all Deloitte member firm people to achieve their full potential. The organization’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy supports and aligns the local efforts of the member firms to build the kind of inclusive culture that helps to drive business and people goals and gain a competitive advantage. As Deloitte member firms execute against the organization’s borderless/boundless strategy and teams are increasingly diverse, the need for inclusive leadership and successful cross-cultural collaborations are imperative, and that’s where diversity, locally and globally, is working to have an impact.

Tools, resources, programs, and processes offered to all member firms help to support existing or launch new local diversity efforts. The Global Diversity Community of Practice (CoP) brings together Human Resources, talent, and diversity and inclusion professionals from across the member firms. In regularly scheduled virtual meetings and through a monthly newsletter, CoP members discuss issues and solutions adopted by member firms dealing with topics such as gender, culture, age, and career-life diversity. Sharing practices and working to keep diversity in the spotlight have resulted in cross-border collaborations on programs and events.

In addition, annually DTTL marks International Women’s Day (IWD) with a global webcast. Member firms collaborate to develop topical programs, bring together a panel of renowned professionals, create an event toolkit, share practices, and bring the webcast to their local markets, stakeholders, and clients.

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