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Deloitte is diversity. It is a core strength, driver of innovation, and, for leaders around the globe, a hallmark of Deloitte’s workplace and absolute imperative.

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"By hiring top talent from all backgrounds, Deloitte teams are able to apply diverse perspectives when addressing client challenges. Approaching these challenges from different angles inspires the kind of innovative solutions member firm clients need to succeed in today's complex business environment."

— Barry Salzberg, Global Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited


"Diversity is one of six priorities for Global Talent because we believe that it is a strategic business imperative. When diversity is an intentional part of talent and business strategies, clients, employees, and organizations win. Talented people have access to the opportunities to succeed. Clients have the broad base of experience required to meet complex business issues, and our organization can more effectively build the strong pipeline of diverse, inclusive, and globally minded leaders needed to meet our goals."

— Margot Thom, DTTL Managing Director, Global Talent


"I believe diversity is both a core value and a strategic differentiator. If we excel at leveraging our diversity and developing and enabling diverse leaders to lead diverse teams, we will further enhance the service we deliver to clients and our attractiveness to top talent—and gain leadership through diversity." 

— Vanessa Borchers, DTTL Global Leader, Diversity

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