Social Progress Networks

Collaboration to drive progress

Business has an important role to play in driving true growth, but it cannot, and should not, do it alone.

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Social Progress networks

The complexity of the big societal challenges demands collaboration. Private, public, and civil sectors must work together to drive social progress.

The Social Progress Index can act as a catalyst. At the national and local level, the index’s results are bringing together business, government, and civil society to find innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of a symbiotic relationship with social progress and are keen to collaborate with governments and NGOs to address societal challenges. Social Progress Networks now exist in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, and Paraguay.

"It is a great honor for Deloitte to contribute to the efforts involving Social Progress Imperative in Brazil. More than mature economies, emerging countries demand new ways to measure their social development standards.”

Juarez Lopes de Araújo

CEO, Deloitte Brazil

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