Deloitte VAT Academy


Deloitte VAT Academy

Introduction to the UAE VAT proposals

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has released its domestic VAT law today. This follows the public release of the GCC VAT Treaty which sets out the framework of the VAT system between the six GCC countries.

The announcement of the UAE law is a further reason for businesses to accelerate their VAT readiness and to revisit the information given by the Ministry of Finance and analyze in detail what the implications are.

The key question for businesses right now is how long will it take my business to get ready?

If your business has not already started now is the time for you to start preparing and analyzing in detail what the implications are.

After the continuous success of our VAT Academy throughout the GCC and more recently in August 2017, the Deloitte Middle East Tax practice has organized a UAE VAT Academy. The location and dates for the course are:

  • Thursday 12 October – Dubai

The training will look at the UAE VAT law, as well as the broader GCC picture. It will also delve into the practical consequences for businesses at their different operational levels. The objective of the program and agenda on the day are listed below.

The VAT Academy is intended to help affected businesses understand the likely scope and scale of VAT impacts, and what changes might be necessary to accommodate them. 


The Deloitte VAT Academy is designed for legal, tax and finance experts who want to have a better view on the VAT legal framework. The course is aimed at analyzing the VAT framework and look further at the detailed consequences of the framework for a UAE business in its domestic dealings, and its business within the GCC and the wider world.

Topics covered will include:
  • Background of the GCC reforms
  • Basic VAT principles in the UAE VAT law
  • Definition of Taxable persons
  • Scope of VAT and what is zero-rated and exempt
  • Place, time and value of supply in the UAE VAT law
  • Type of supplies
  • Liability to pay VAT
  • Tax reporting and compliance
  • Refunds
  • Other internal supplies
  • Transitional provisions

Additional Details

The venue will be communicated in the confirmation email.

09:30 am till 1:00 pm, followed by lunch.

Attendance Fee
The cost to attend the GCC Deloitte VAT Academy is AED 2,500.

Payment Details
All banking details will be provided on the invoice.

To register as an attendee, please click on the relevant link below, for Dubai or Abu Dhabi depending on your preferred location.

I am interested in attending the VAT Academy in Dubai