25 Aug.

Thailand Digital Transformation Survey Report 2021

The impact of COVID-19

Wednesday, 03:00 p.m.  THA

Where you can update information regarding the digital transformation movement and the digital environment in the market especially during this turmoil time.

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The vast majority of businesses have been propelled by digital disruption with most executives globally admitting its transformative impact to an extent. It is therefore crucial and intriguing to identify digital disruption perspectives and approaches to digital implementation across companies in Thailand.

Deloitte Thailand conducted a Digital Transformation survey from November 2019 to early January 2020. With the unprecedent COVID-19 global pandemic later in 2020 with its seismic impact, a pulse survey was commissioned covering November 2020 to January 2021 as a follow-up of the primary survey to gain a specific understanding of COVID-19 impacts towards digital transformation across businesses in Thailand.

The two surveys emphasize on the following topics in order to draw a comparative analysis of digital transformation implementation before and during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1.     Interpreting perceptions towards digital disruptions

2.     Exploring digital transformation implementations

3.     Pinpointing digital transformation skill demands

4.     Identifying areas of government support in digital transformation

Financial Services and Life Sciences & Health Care sector expedite their digital transformation plan tremendously in the period after COVID-19 pandemic happened. The two sectors also face recruitment issues for data analyst and scientist position which are the digital roles that are considered the most important and challenging across all companies.

The majority of the companies has now entered a digital adopter stage after COVID-19 occurred compared to digital evaluator stage before COVID-19.

Furthermore, the implementation rate of advance technologies, except robotics, and basic technologies has all increased after COVID-19 pandemic happened. This indicates a digital adoption of all technologies across business sectors at rapid pace during the COVID-19 period.  

The higher digital transformation rate coupled with and an immense and unforeseeable impact from the COVID-19 pandemic across all businesses are evident. Businesses should therefore be more active about the digital transformation movement and the digital environment in the market especially during this turmoil time.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

·       Perceptions towards digital disruptions

·       Digital transformation implementations

·       Digital transformation skill demands

·       Areas of government support in digital transformation

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Wednesday, 25 Aug 2021 03:00 p.m. THA
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