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Deloitte Greenhouse: Singapore

Moving towards an insight driven organization

A pharmaceutical company implements an analytics Centre of Excellence to enable data-driven decisions

The client’s challenge

Analytics has been gaining increasing relevance, especially in Shared Services environments across organizations such as their Finance functions. Our client – a global pharma company – sought Deloitte’s view on adopting a Centre of Excellence (CoE) model for their regional and global Finance divisions’ analytics capability. Their objectives for the session were two-fold; one, to gain a better understanding of what the CoE journey would look like, and two, understand Deloitte’s POV and experience in the principles that defined a successful analytics CoE.

Deloitte’s solution

The Deloitte team designed an interactive half-day lab for the regional Finance team to explore analytics applications in life sciences and finance, and to deep-dive into the 5 guiding principles – Strategy, People, Process, Data and Technology. The lab featured prototypes and solutions with the latest analytical techniques, explored case studies of organizations from within and outside the industry that have successfully implemented an analytics CoE, and a brainstorming session on how the Finance CoE could support functions outside of Finance.

Using the Greenhouse’s interactive technology capabilities, the team showcased three analytics solutions: Spend Cube (vendor fragmentation), T&E Claims (fraudulent employee claims) and PatientFirst (customer satisfaction), which served as examples of analytics ramping up in maturity. Participants were then taken through details of the 5 principles and conducted a self-assessment on their maturity across these. By working through the client’s needs and challenges, the Deloitte team allowed participants to understand the importance of ideating their CoE journey across the principles, and helped them to identify, prioritize and plan for the gaps they needed to address via the maturity assessment.

Impact on client’s business

Subject matter experts giving Deloitte’s perspective and the interactive approach to delivering content gave the company’s Finance management team a strong point of view on what the CoE journey would look like. The consciously designed Greenhouse environment, various elements that make the methodology work and the structured yet engaging approach surfaced valuable insights for the participants. The management team identified various gaps and opportunities across the 5 pillars, and are currently discussing with the Deloitte team on how we can support them on the journey.

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