Initial Public Offering

Why IPO?

When it comes to going public, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. That’s why our approach is unique in the industry. Our IPO services professionals offer companies a distinctive, personalized IPO readiness experience. Calling upon decades of experience, our team helps companies avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles, making for a timely IPO process and smooth transition to a public company.


  • Improved capital raising ability
  • Improved corporate reputation and profile
  • Enhances relationships with key stakeholders
  • Enables the offer of share option incentive
  • Improves financial reporting of business
  • Listing improves liquidity for investors
  • Increased company's market competitiveness

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  • Possible loss of control
  • Disclosure requirements and ongoing reporting
  • Accountability to external shareholders
  • Costs and fees
  • Management time
  • Listing regulation
  • Corporate governance

Why Deloitte?

Be confident you are ready to list: Deloitte IPO readiness team will leave you
fully prepared to execute a successful IPO 

Deloitte will be your trusted team

• IPO Readiness Team, using our IPO diagnostic tool, can quickly assess your
readiness for IPO and provide detailed practical recommendations built into a
draft IPO timetable. 

• Our team has a wealth of direct experience in successfully preparing companies for an IPO and supporting them as the process unfolds.

• We will work in co-operation with your senior management and would act as an independent and experienced assistant throughout your IPO process and work with you and other deal advisors till successful listing. 

•Prompt, clear identification of what needs to be done, advising on every step along the way, through to delivering tangible results. 

Our team

Our past events

Acceleration Program - Road to LiVE

The 'Acceleration Program - Road to LiVE' program, organized by Deloitte Thailand in collaboration with the SET, LiVE Platform, and SME Development Bank, was designed for SMEs and startups looking to prepare themselves for entry into the capital market. The program offered four main activities: workshops, coaching, networking, and pitching. Participants in the program had the opportunity to receive financial support from the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF) of up to 1 million baht to help implement their projects.

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