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Huong Pham is motivated by the “As One” spirit of Deloitte. Paralyzed as a baby, she overcame multiple hurdles to pursue a career in accounting and auditing. An inner desire to create a better future for people with disabilities is a flame that drives her. Read more about her story here.

Huong Pham
Associate, Audit & Assurance,
Deloitte Vietnam

Family is the most important thing to me. They are my strongest supporters and a great motivation for me to give my best every day. Every chance I get, I will go to my hometown in Thai Binh Province, about 100 kilometres from Hanoi and spend time with my family. Additionally, I am following an international certificate of accounting and auditing. 

Studying is challenging, on top of my hectic work schedule. Still, I am adamant about following my passion for pursuing a career in accounting and auditing. 

As a newborn, I suffered from polio, and my legs have been paralyzed since then. As a person with disabilities living in Vietnam, barriers have been a norm my entire life. Disabled-friendly facilities are quite lacking, so we face many difficulties in accessing public transport, education, health care, etc. In school, I had to have friends carry me on their back or use my hand to climb five flights of stairs to go to class daily. I am proud that I have the strength and belief to overcome these hurdles to pursue my studies and career. Thankfully, my family, colleagues, friends, teachers were by my side. 

With more than 6 years at Deloitte Vietnam, I am the only employee with disabilities working in a global professional auditing firm out of more than 150 accounting and auditing companies operating in Vietnam. 

What keeps me going is the desire for a brighter future for myself and people like me. I aim to prove that people with disabilities can succeed in professional works when given an equitable opportunity to develop. An important lesson from my time at Deloitte is to “Learn every day”. 

I have been involved with multiple Deloitte CSR activities. I have been given the opportunity to create positive impacts on the community. The shared culture and “As One” spirit of Deloitte not only uplifts me but also teach me to live with love and kindness. The difficulties and challenges that I have overcome have nurtured me to become a strong person with the attitude to “Never give up” and to build up a meaningful life for myself and everyone around me. 

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