global power sector


The future of the global power sector

Preparing for emerging opportunities and threats

Although no single vision exists for the way the global power sector will evolve in the future, one truth is clear: the industry sits on the cusp of massive change. The way power companies respond will depend on where they operate, their regulatory environment, the structure of their portfolio of assets, evolving customer demands, their economic maturity and the level of technology adoption they require.

Executive summary

Power companies need to modify their management models to adapt to shifting realities, including price reductions that are leading to narrower margins, improvements in the quality of supply, demand for new services, a sharper focus on environmental protection, new technologies that modify traditional business scope by focusing on the technical management of assets, and many more.

The future of the global power sector

Key issues discussed in the report include:

  • Generation portfolio optimization
  • Smart grid adoption
  • Internationalization
  • Management models
  • Customer engagement
  • Operational efficiencies/cost reduction
  • Regulation
  • Talent management

Although there are no hard and fast answers to these issues, options do exist for power companies looking at their future opportunities.  

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