Financial crime investigation


Financial crime investigation

A multi-disciplined approach

The spectre of white collar crime can place a significant drain on any business. When such issues arise, it is imperative that they are dealt with quickly and concisely.

Our Forensic Investigation team has the people, the technology, and the experience to help you navigate through the legal and operational complexities, and come to timely decisions so that you can get on with business. Our investigative processes are honed on the collective experience of our global network, and refined to meet localised conditions.

A multi-disciplined approach

Deloitte is a leading Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigation service provider globally and in Southeast Asia. Our dedicated forensic team has helped some of the world’s leading companies with FCPA compliance issues. We also provide a wide-range of FCPA-related matters including:

Forensic accounting investigations of alleged FCPA violations

Our FCPA specialists analyse electronic and hard copy financial records and conduct interviews of relevant personnel to help locate and understand any corrupt scheme, assess the scope of the violation, and report on our findings.

Due diligence on mergers and acquisitions

Whether you are buying or selling in a corporate merger and acquisition situation, we assist our clients in understanding the potential ‘undetected’ risks and issues to avoid potential future liability by testing the FCPA or other compliance program of the target company.

Implementation and assessment of internal control systems

We assist our clients in the development of proper internal control systems to safeguard against potential violation and to take early corrective measures to minimise potential corporate liability. Our professionals have diverse experience and knowledge to deal with a wide range of issues and our approach can be tailored to meet the requirements of your company.

Solving these problems requires performance of complex multifaceted tasks, which can only be performed through a multidisciplinary approach in the field of accounting, law, investigation and criminology. In the effort to combat white-collar crime, Deloitte has a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in fraud and financial investigations.

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