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Prudential Thailand - Achieving excellence in omnichannel customer experience

To develop a one-stop customer experience platform, Prudential Thailand embarked on a digital transformation journey to position themselves as a digitally driven and customer centric business, offering the best-in-class omnichannel customer experience.

The most compelling customer experiences start with a compelling understanding of the customer. Today, digital technology gives customers a myriad of ways to interact, but it also potentially creates gaps in customer engagement as customers navigate between various stand-alone channels.

Prudential Thailand realised that their systems had limited functionalities and lacked integration with other platforms, resulting in the use of multiple servicing channels and a lack of a centralised, single view of their customers. This posed a significant hurdle for Prudential to fulfill their vision of providing superior customer experiences across all customer-facing channels. Having built a high-performing business over 100 years, Prudential saw the need to drive a personalised, holistic customer experience across channels and equip their employees with customer-centric technology to create next-level engagement anytime, anywhere.

Working with Deloitte, Prudential embarked on a digital transformation journey to implement a new platform and ecosystem. Powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Lead management, Campaign management, Customer 360, and Service management Prudential and Deloitte collaboratively developed PRUAwesome Hub - a powerful omnichannel customer platform.

PRUAwesome Hub has a direct impact on user experience across various workstreams, such as:

  • Lead management
    • Improved B2B process efficiency and reliability using automation 
    • Increased visibility of campaign and lead performance tracking
    • Enhanced data insights for advanced lead nurturing, upselling, x-selling opportunities
  • Service management
    • 20% increase in productivity due to reduction in manual processes
    • Consolidated customer service history across various channels and real-time service performance dashboards
    • Increased customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 4 points
    • Anticipating a 94% improvement in first call resolution rates by 2024
  • Marketing
    • Simplified user journey creation with automated, personalised marketing communication to customers and prospects at scale
    • Increased customer engagement throughout various digital channels
    • Dynamic front-end interfaces with real-time adaptations


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