Smart Borders


Increasing security without sacrificing mobility

Smart Borders

In 2015, global commerce is projected to be worth over $300 billion. The interlinked and international nature of this economy makes exponential growth quite lucrative, yet this economy also becomes increasingly susceptible to a range of risks from organized crime and terrorist groups to emerging technology. Dynamic disruptions will force governments and industry to re-imagine policies and business practices related to the movement of goods and people to remain competitive in this new global order. Governments, in particular, will have the opportunity to envision and realize Smart Borders – a border security and management paradigm that can create safer, more standard and cost effective demarcations.

Smart Borders can help government get back to basics, empowering public servants, industry and the community to work together to solve the most pressing economic and security problems – from issues affecting local communities to those that transcend national borders.

Smart borders
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