About the NED Remuneration Gateway

The NED Remuneration Gateway provides access to remuneration data reports that will provide details on the following items:

  • Board Chairman fees, allowances and benefits-in-kind;
  • NED fees, allowances and benefits-in-kind;
  • Board Committee fees and allowances; and
  • Aggregate fee limits and fee movements.

Data will be provided across market and sector constituents by percentile or in an aggregated manner.

When structuring NED remuneration, it is important for companies to use market and sectorial data for benchmarking purposes due to the following reasons:

  • Competitive remuneration packages are essential to attract highly qualified and experienced NEDs. Industry-level data provides insights into industry averages, helping companies to match or exceed those offerings, where applicable;
  • Keeping valuable NEDs on the board requires fair compensation. Benchmarking ensures that remuneration packages are in line with industry standards, reducing the risk of losing NEDs to other companies;
  • Benchmarking helps ensure that NEDs are compensated fairly relative to their peers within the same industry. This can improve morale and satisfaction among board members;
  • It demonstrates to stakeholders, including employees, investors, and regulators, that the company is committed to fair and equitable remuneration practices;
  • Many regulatory bodies and governance codes require companies to justify their remuneration practices. Industry benchmarking data provides the evidence needed to show compliance with these regulations; and
  • Clear, data-backed remuneration policies can be more easily justified to stakeholders, reducing the likelihood of disputes and dissatisfaction.

Clients can choose types of data based on country (i.e. Singapore, Thailand and Philippines), market capitalisation as well as sector specifications.

Fees (before tax):

Remuneration report for 1 country and 3 industries:  USD 3,500
Additional remuneration data per country (based on primary industry selection) + USD 1,500 per country



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