Governance, Regulatory and Risk


Governance, Regulatory and Risk

Deloitte’s Governance, Regulatory and Risk (GRR) services help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialised assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud and dispute consulting, and financial advisory services.

Deloitte’s GRR services also help develop sustainable regulatory, compliance and risk management programs by working with clients to identify, remediate, monitor and manage risks across the enterprise. We also help organisations to identify, remediate, monitor, exploit and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilisation of people, process and technology to improve effectiveness and help manage costs.


In the wake of high-profile incidents such as privacy and data breaches, corporate scandals and regulatory investigations, stakeholders expect more proactive board oversight and enhanced management practices.

This extends beyond transparency and financial integrity to encompass a company’s ethics, culture and tone at the top. By benchmarking your governance practices against those of your peers, Deloitte can help you establish a competitive edge and gain the insights you need to align your executives’ expectations with your employees’ actions.

We also help you identify and close governance gaps, enhance compliance and adopt a structure appropriate to your needs with three primary solutions:

Board and management assessment and design

Ensure you have the appropriate board members, board structure, management governance practices and leadership in place to support your organization’s performance objectives.

Board and management education

We can help you mitigate liability and strengthen your decision-making abilities by reviewing and assessing your board education programs, identifying gaps and conducting training sessions and workshops for both your board members and management.

Board and management mandates, charters and policies

Whether you are starting up a board or want to improve your existing governance practices, we can help you establish and enhance your board and management mandates, committee charters and policies, and define roles and accountabilities to strengthen your governance structure.

Regulatory & Compliance Consulting

The Regulatory & Compliance services provides consultative services to executives and boards that are designed to help create and protect value and enhance effective management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and compliance risks on a sustained basis.

We work with organizations to develop sustainable governance, compliance, and risk management programs by helping them identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks. Additionally, Regulatory and Risk Strategies supports the coordination and utilization of people, processes, and technology to improve effectiveness and help manage costs.

Risk – Enterprise Risk Transformation

As risks evolve, the processes of identifying, mitigating and managing them must evolve too. From risk strategy formulation through to implementation, organizations can benefit from risk transformation initiatives in areas across the organization, including finance, operations, financial crime, compliance, risk management, treasury and commodity trading.

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Risk – Analytics

We specialise in Financial Risk Analytics, Financial Crime Analytics, Audit & Finance Analytics, Business Risk Analytics and Asset Risk Analytics.

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Risk – Financial & Capital Management

We provide expertise in actuarial and financial risks (markets, credit, operational, ALM) measurement and management, and regulatory compliance.

Our services cover:

  • Cartography of risks: review of risks and processes, identification of the most sensitive risk factors, qualitative and quantitative evaluation
  • Definition, rollout and steering of aggregated risk indicators (VaR, Earnings at Risk)
  • Assistance with Basel II (diagnosis, data, calculation methods), including the second pillar
  • Determination of risk management tools meeting the needs of pillar 1 and 2 of Solvency II
  • Development of internal models for calculation of the need of equity capital and its optimal allocation
  • Diagnosis of asset & liability management tools and assistance with modelling assets & liabilities
  • Reinforcing the processes for the production of risks and performance indicators and reports

GRC Technology

We provide a wide range of services from system selection through implementation for various GRC Technologies comprising Continuous Controls Monitoring, Enterprise GRC platforms, Treasury and Trading Systems and Compliance-specific Technology Solutions:

  • Continuous Control Monitoring
  • Information Technology GRC
  • Third Party/Vendor Management
  • Risk Management
  • Audit Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Access Control & Authorization Management
  • BCM

Crisis Management & BCM

The next crisis that could threaten your company may already be taking shape, putting your reputation and business at risk. The Deloitte Center for Crisis Management helps clients uncover an unforeseen advantage by helping them prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from any major crisis.

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