Cash Repatriation tool

A tool to help navigate complexities.

Due to economic challenges and the raft of legislative changes implemented, businesses will face cash constraints or shortages. As a result, businesses may need to repatriate cash from entities or jurisdictions with cash to those entities or jurisdictions where cash is required.

The local legal requirements and steps (as well as any compliance and filing obligations involved in jurisdictions where cash is held) can be complex; therefore, it is important to be informed of these at an early stage of planning a cash repatriation exercise.

Deloitte Legal has teamed with BRYTER, a member of the Deloitte Legal Ventures cohort, to develop the Cash Repatriation tool.

This tool is free and provides easy, flexible and speedy access to information for users about cash repatriation from entities within selected jurisdictions. There is data on 20 leading jurisdictions available within the tool, with additional jurisdictions being added constantly.  

The Cash Repatriation tool prepares a summary in PDF format, which sets out the options that may be available within those jurisdictions for a range of entity types. The summary includes generic information in relation to the steps and formalities involved locally as well as a consideration of the tax position.

Please note that the tool provides a high-level overview to inform discussions based on the answers given and it does not constitute tax or legal advice. It should not be relied upon when making any cash repatriation decisions. The decision whether to repatriate cash, and when and how to effect any repatriation, is a complex decision which will include consideration of several tax and legal factors and this tool only provides information on certain factors.

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