Tax & Legal Symposium 2023

Navigating the new normal for tax & legal compliance management

The world is changing and so are businesses. The new leaner business organisations look at factors, internal and external, for improving productivity and while doing so, reducing work cycles and costs. These can be achieved by channelling resources in core business operations and outsourcing non-core operations, such as tax compliance and controversy management.

Tax Operate is outsourcing an organisation’s tax function to achieve efficiencies in operations, which involves moving compliance and management related activities to shared service centres or third-party tax service providers.

At Deloitte we believe that adaptation and upgrades are necessary for businesses and tax functions, which are changing rapidly with ever changing tax laws and logics, newer compliances, and greater availability of data with authorities. Tax Operate, as we see, is the future of tax operations and provides a never before opportunity to a business to focus on core areas rather than repeated and mundane tax activities that can be co-sourced, if not outsourced, to tax service providers.

For our 2023 Tax & Legal Symposium, we commenced with a plenary session on “Tax Operating Model” and “Thailand Economic Outlook 2023”. Then we had break-out sessions on various current tax and legal topics listed below.

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Plenary Session

  • Tax Operating Model – Insights from global studies on issues impacting tax departments, including technology, process, and people
    Speakers: Piyus Vallabh and Michael Fiore (English)

  • Thailand’s economic outlook 2023 and Deloitte Thailand ESG Survey Results
    Speaker: Dr. Narain Chutijirawong (Thai)

Session A

  • Working remotely and LTR visa
    Speakers: Mark Kuratana, Pornpun Niyomthai, It-Kan Kongsuwan and Natchariya Chomngam (Thai)

  • Update on corporate law, Overview and key consideration for fundraising for corporate funding and for Mergers and Acquisition
    Speakers: Patcharaporn Pootranon, Veerakorn Samranweth, Natcharee Aphichotsuraratsamee and Narita Sakunchotikarote (Thai)

Session B

  • e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt in Thailand and APAC trend
    Speakers: Sukanok Suthinan, Chalita Jirakanjanakit and Haryati Hamzah (Thai/English)

  • Recent trends in customs audit, important trade updates & interesting case sharing
    Speakers: Sujitra Sukpanich, Pattiya Dao-Chaeng and Nathdao Kittiwongsophon (Thai)

  • Thai tax update 2022
    Speakers: Darika Soponawat (Thai)

Session C

  • Transfer Pricing Update, CbCR  MCAA update
    Speakers: Kancharat Thaidamri, Alisa Arechawapongsawat and Chairak Trakhulmontri (Thai)

  • Update on BOI’s new 5-year investment promotion strategy (2023-2027)
    Speakers: Nont Nijanantra and Thanittha Deeying (Thai)

Session E

  • Indian Tax Update (Corporate tax, Indirect tax, Transfer pricing)
    Speakers: Himanshu Patel, Shrenik Shah and Anis Chakravarthy (English)

  • Thai TP Update (Refresh Thailand transfer pricing secondary law on TP documentation, TP disclosure form, and CbCR requirements)
    Speaker: Stuart Simons (English)

  • Global Trade Update: Overview of typical customs challenges in Thailand, special focus on FTA compliance and anti-circumvention investigations, future sustainability initiatives that will impact Thai supply chains
    Speakers: Nu To Van and Tom Marcel Cachet (English)

  • General update on Dutch tax plan 2023 and other European tax developments
    Speakers: Han Kalfsbeek and Harmen Riemens (English)

Session A*

  • Accounting rule & update, TP rule & update, Tax controversy and Legal, tax and customs rule & update
    Speakers: Anthony Visate Loh, Yinqi Cao, Stan Liang Chien Chia and Lili Jiang (Chinese)
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