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Tax Technology Consulting and Support

Digitally transform your tax function

The right technology makes your tax department more efficient and effective. Streamlining and automating processes can free tax professionals to focus on high-value work. Deloitte’s tax technology consulting and support teams can help you identify, design, implement, and maintain systems with the power to transform processes, governance, and risk assessment—bringing accuracy, transparency, and control to your tax function and position.

Whether you need to evaluate tax policy and strategy, integrate systems, improve internal processes and controls, or implement third-party or proprietary software, our tax technology professionals have the skills and experience to help you at any stage of your digital transformation. We understand complex tax requirements and have the technology, tools, and automation to help improve your tax data management, reporting, and analytics.

A comprehensive portfolio of tax technology services 

Combining tax and technology expertise to support your success

Use Deloitte’s portfolio of tax technology services to identify, design, implement, and maintain the innovative tax software and tools you need to automate processes, speed response times, and improve accuracy. Clear, experience-driven insights from tax and technology professionals help your global tax function stay compliant and take swift, agile, and confident action.

Tax process improvement and governance

Tax law and compliance requirements are constantly changing. To keep up, your tax department must run smoothly and effectively, constantly evolving tax processes and governance to speed operations and support continuous process improvement. Deloitte’s tax professionals can help you meet the challenge.

We evaluate and benchmark current policy and strategy and support structural updates to operating models, roles, responsibilities, skills, controls, and performance metrics. We work with you to improve management, oversight, and control, drawing on a rare combination of deep tax expertise and innovative technology. Our tax experts can work alongside your tax department leadership to establish short- and long-term goals, develop key performance indicators, and design an organizational plan that supports your vision.

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The Cloud is a strong driver of digital transformation—and there’s a good chance that cloud technology is central to the operation of your tax department. Maintaining that software to serve your business is an increasingly complex effort.

Deloitte tax technology services provide expert technical administration and ongoing management of tax technology software including robotic process automation (RPA), indirect tax software (Vertex, Sovos, and Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE), direct tax software (Corptax, Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Provision) and other tax, finance, and HR tools. Our tax technology-as-a-service offering frees your tax professionals to focus on challenging tax issues, not managing and supporting IT implementation.

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Tax data management, reporting, and analytics

Complex tax obligations and real-time reporting requirements heighten the need for immediate access to reliable, accurate, and fit-for-purpose sensitized tax data. If challenges such as version control, manual data collection, or getting the right level of data are delaying accurate reporting and insights, tax data management and analytics services can help.

We’ll help you build a reliable tax data model that harnesses automation and business process control to generate the right data at the right time. Automated data input, validation, and cleansing save time and reduce risk, giving you faster access to the tax-sensitized data both you and tax authorities need. Our professionals are fluent in both tax and technology. We can help you evaluate and select tax technology, or design and implement third-party software to handle complex tasks including transfer pricing, compliance, and VAT calculation. You can trust our experienced tax team with your tax data and technology needs, freeing your tax professionals to focus on valuable strategic work.

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ERP systems support

Tax is complex—as are ERP systems. But when implemented correctly, such systems can serve as critical supports for organizational goals. In a Deloitte study, 56% of tax and finance leaders who described themselves as having advanced skills in this area rated ERP systems as highly effective for business support.

Every ERP implementation should be tax aligned. Tax has various needs including being prepared to report in line with rapidly changing global tax regulations, real-time reporting requirements, and information reporting needs. For clients seeking to execute on these developments, we make sure these considerations are taken into account during ERP design, implementation, and maintenance. In short, we act as your advocate for tax in an ERP project, helping write tax requirements, identifying necessary outcomes, crafting design options, and providing support and advice throughout implementation. We help you, the technical tax experts in your organization, understand tax sensitivities associated with both ERP implementations and identify needs related to the tax processes across the essential design, build, and testing stages.

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Tax technology systems implementation

Selecting and implementing new tax software can be challenging—particularly if you want to design and configure it leveraging leading practices and according to your unique requirements.

Deloitte’s tax technology systems professionals are experienced in implementing leading third party direct and indirect tax software including, but not limited to, Corptax, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, Longview, Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud (TRCS), SAP, Vertex, Avalara, and Sovos. Whether you’re working with a third party or a proprietary system, we can help you gather requirements, design processes, build and configure activities, test tax outputs, and train users. We can also help you optimize system features and overall software maintenance. Or if your current tax software just needs a tune-up, we can work with you to identify and update areas needing a refresh. The right system implemented the right way can leverage tax data at its source, support radical efficiency, and accurately calculate and analyze taxes in the enterprise environment or within tax-connected applications.

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Tax Technology Consulting and Support

Digitally transform your tax function

Technology is a key to an efficient and effective tax department. Deloitte’s tax technology consulting and support professionals can help you identify, design, implement, and maintain the tax systems you need to help your tax processes, governance, and risk management keep pace in a digital world.

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