Insights democratisation

Turning insights into action

An organisation that leads with insights is more agile and better equipped to cope with disruptions. The quick decision-making process is a strategic advantage, with data converted into measurable business value in a matter of minutes or even seconds, instead of days.

By 2025, the global data sphere will constitute some 175 zettabytes (1 zettabyte=1021 bytes)—up over 500% from 2018—thanks to tremendous growth at the core (traditional and cloud data centres), the edge (enterprise-hardened infrastructure like cell towers and branch offices), and the endpoints (PCs, smartphones, and IoT devices). (Source: IDC, "The Digitization of the World From Edge to Core,""November 2018).

This exponential growth in data collection means organisations often get caught up in the data-gathering process, thus sacrificing the ability to gain actionable insights from those datasets.

What if we could create a culture where everyone lives and breathes insights, a workplace where data-driven insights shape decisions? This is what we like to call an Insight-Driven Organisation (IDO). IDOs hold insight democratisation as a key principle, with an empowered workforce operating on shared, flexible data sets. They have a clear vision enabled by a powerful platform.

With Insights democratisation: A better way to turn insights into action, learn how your organisation can cut through the clutter and jumpstart your organisation’s evolution into an IDO.

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  • Embedding design thinking into big data and work in Data by design into your business,
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  • Transforming into an Insight-Driven Organisation (IDO).

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