Board of Directors

The Deloitte Australian Centre for Corporate Governance actively promotes dialogue to address the governance concerns of industry bodies, companies and their board of directors, investors, professional services firms, academia and the government.

Deloitte Australia offers a range of tools and resources as well as two benchmark studies for Australian boards: “The Director’s Cut” and “Perspectives of the Audit Committee Chair.” Conducted on a two year rotational basis, the surveys explore and debate topics relevant to boards, based on face-to-face interviews with more than 200 board chairs and directors of ASX 200 companies.

Deloitte Transparency Report 2015

Our 2015 Transparency Report provides an overview of our Audit Quality Framework and the governance structures, people and quality control systems that underpin our commitment to delivering high quality audits.


Building the Lucky Country

The Building the Lucky Country series has been developed to prompt debate and conversations across business, industry associations, government and the media on the ‘big picture’ issues facing the Australian economy. As well as exploring economic, technological and social drivers of such issues. 

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