Transparency report 2015


Transparency report 2015

See what we see: The value of a quality audit

Provides an overview of our Audit Quality Framework and the governance structures, people and quality control systems that underpin our commitment to delivering high quality audits.

Our 2015 Transparency Report reinforces our Audit Quality Framework and highlights our goal to provide genuinely different and valuable audit outcomes for our clients, our people, investors and other stakeholders. It also demonstrates our commitment to delivering a genuinely different audit experience to improve our effectiveness.

It is prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in Section 332 of the Corporations Act 2001 but it is much more than just a regulatory requirement. We see it as an opportunity to share Deloitte’s passion for making a genuine impact that matters; in maintaining investor confidence in the capital markets and bringing true value to businesses and investors through high-quality audits.

It explores the critical importance of trust to a healthy, fair financial system and the central role of the auditor in building this trust through quality, integrity and consistency.  Our people take this social responsibility very seriously and we continually challenge ourselves to improve our processes and approach to meet the increasing expectation of all stakeholders.

Transparency report 2015
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