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Statutory reporting and disclosure management solutions

Statutory reporting is a core regulatory requirement, often with significant attention from investors, auditors and management, therefore the accuracy and timely completion of reporting is imperative. 

  • However many challenges still exist for finance teams, including:
  • Distraction from core capability (an annual event that causes disruption to operational activities)
  • Availability and cost of quality accounting staff to focus on the preparation of reports.

Deloitte is able to assist organisations with their statutory reporting obligations on several levels including 

  • Development of  financial report templates and agreeing them with management and the respective entities auditors before each year end 
  • Updating financial report templates each year for changes in accounting standards
  • Assisting your staff to produce ‘auditor ready’ reporting packages, including all reconciliations supporting financial report disclosures
  • Establishing a dedicated and secure website (known as an ‘eRoom’) for all parties to easily upload and download all required information
  • Performing a technical review by senior Deloitte personnel prior to finalisation.

Our team comprises of industry specialists who will help your organisation realise smoother reporting processes. Further, cost efficiencies for you are driven by greater economies of scale and synergies that exist within Deloitte, being a large scale provider of statutory reporting and disclosure management solutions. Deloitte is also working with a major software provider to assist with the implementation of an electronic disclosure management tool.

Attached is some thought leadership we have prepared in regards to financial statement preparation.

Contact us to discuss how Deloitte can help improve your statutory reporting and disclosure management process or access case studies about how we’ve helped our clients.

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