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Overcome business challenges and bring a strategy to life

Our Strategy and Operations practice works collaboratively with senior executives to help them understand the business challenges they face and develop a course of action to help them overcome those challenges and bring a strategy to life.

Strategy & Operations Lead Partner Clare Harding talks life in the team

"Last May, our team helped to develop a strategy to transform the finance function at one of Australia’s largest construction and development firms. The team ran workshops with the global finance executive to establish the initiatives which formed the basis of the strategy, and with continued refinement (and lots of snacks!) we created the high level recommendations for the transformation."

- Stuart Hillen, Senior Consultant, Melbourne

What is Strategy & Operations Consulting?

The Deloitte Strategy & Operations team works with Boards, executive and management of the top Australian corporations and government agencies to develop and execute strategies to grow and structure their business and operations to create competitive, sustainable advantage and to deliver improved business performance, operational excellence and productivity.

Our Strategy Consulting practice helps our clients realise growth from market opportunities both quickly and innovatively. Our team is passionate about helping our clients tackle tough issues and make choices on the difficult questions of “where to play” and “how to win”. This requires us to work collaboratively with our clients and with many other parts across our firm to develop and implement strategies that will have an impact. In all of our work we bring together the right capabilities to solve our clients’ most complex problems, including our strengths in choice structuring, economic analysis, design thinking, data analytics and visualisation.

Our Operations Consulting practice specialises in turning strategies into measurable and sustained results. The Operations practice is comprised of experienced industry leaders with knowledge of the way in which successful organisations operate and excel. The team works with executives to build competitive advantage across all aspects of operations – from the development of more effective models for delivering services, product development, planning, sourcing and procurement to manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Our Operations team also works with leaders that are faced with the requirement to restructure, lower costs, increase productivity and get the most out of the workforce and assets to remain competitive.

The Strategy and Operations practices provide a dynamic team environment where we combine careful consideration of our client’s unique situation, a commitment to achieving tangible results and working side-by-side with our clients to get things done. Our differentiation rests on our culture and in the diverse capabilities of our people, and we encourage focus on the “we” rather than the “I”.

At Deloitte, we are redefining the way complex problems are solved and how strategy development and implementation is experienced by our clients. We are focused on how we work with our clients both as businesses and as individuals, and how we bring together the best capabilities to deliver tangible change, faster and with greater impact for our clients. If this is something that excites you and you are passionate about making a difference we’d love to hear from you.

"I have been able to leverage many of the relationships I have developed to create the necessary connections to help the team build bridges with a number of stakeholder groups across the company. This made our engagement and our client more successful in the process."

- Jeremy Smith, Senior Consultant, Sydney

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